Student sponsors student

Onderwijsproject: student sponsort student in Kenia

Students that receive a scholarship from Friends for Life commit themselves to sponsor another student once graduated. By repaying small amounts which sums up to a total of their own loan, they support the next student in line. In this way, a sustainable programme is guaranteed and the students learn to take responsibility and look after the next generation.


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Job coaching

carrieremanagement Keniaanse studenten

The final goal of offering scholarships to students is that these students find a job after graduation. Friends for Life guides the student not only during study but this also continues after finishing. Students are offered training and coaching to find a suitable job on individual level. In the near future we implement also trainings and workshops for groups of students.

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Water for Kenya

water for Kenia2

The project Water for Kenya was set up by Lammert Braaksma several years ago. He was and still is well known within the catering industry, especially within the area of The Hague. From his position within the industry, he started to make restaurant owners enthusiastic for participating in this project. Now, more than 45 restaurant owners all over the Netherlands take part in this project.

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vrijwilliger bij afstudeer ceremonie

Friends for Life welcomes and appreciates the help of volunteers. In the Netherlands we would like to get support with organizing or implementing fundraising events and administrative tasks. We regularly work with volunteers who are willing to contribute a few hours of their time per week to the goals of Friends for Life.

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Chairman Evans Monari dies in Nairobi


On Monday the 4th of October, our chairman of the Friends for Life Foundation, Evans Monari, died after a long illness in Nairobi. Evans, topnotch Lawyer and partner at Bowmans Law Ltd. in Kenya, specialised […]

Getting active for the community


For some time, a mandatory part of receiving a scholarship at Friends for Life Foundation is contributing to the community. We think that it is important and fullfilling for the students to give back during […]

Information about Kenia

Friends for Life in Kenya

Kenya, officially the Republic of Kenya, is a state in East Africa. Kenya counts approximately 45 million inhabitants. The annual growth between 1970 and 1990 has an average of 3,8%, one of the most fast growing countries in the world. Of all children in Kenya, around 85% is attending primary school. Around 75% of the children that finished primary school continues to secondary education. Of all children that manage to finish secondary school, around 60% (this is approx. 38% of all children in Kenya), continues, for instance at vocational schools of public or private universities.

Students in the spotlight

Alumnus David excells at Unilever


David Warui Gachinga, graduate in BsC Mechanical Engineering has always been interested in this field, perhaps because his father was an electrician. He could however not continue his education after secondary school due to lack […]

Fashion designer Lilian


Lilian Chepngetich graduated for her Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management at the Chuka university with a scholarship of Friends for Life. She dreams of opening her own company in fashion and design one […]

Sponsors in the spotlight

Golden team serves water for Kenya


The ‘Van der Valk Hotel and restaurant’ has been active for the Water for Kenya project of Friends for Life since 2012. Under management and with a lot of enthusiasm of Alice van der Valk, […]

Restaurant ‘De Verkadefabriek’ operates in a sustainable way


The management of ‘the Verkadefabriek’ in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, has recently been taken over by Mireille Mireille Kemna. Arnoud de Graaff, the former manager, contributed since several years to the foundation by participating in […]