Job coaching

carrieremanagement Keniaanse studenten

The final goal of offering scholarships to students is that these students will find a job after graduation. Friends for Life guides students not only during their studies but also continues this upon completion. Students are offered training and coaching to find a suitable job which is now done on individual level. We are currently working on a professional programme in which students will be offered trainings in groups regarding job search. We will continue to offer individual coaching as well but increasingly in a more structured and professional way and where possible in cooperation with local organisations.

Over the last years we have build up a network among local organisations. These organisations offer our students the chance to become familiar with work environments relevant to their studies through internships and traineeships. Once the students have graduated we send their CV’s to these same companies in order to see if there is a suitable job-match. In coming years we want to expand this network in order to have more students working in the jobs that correspond with their studies within a short time after graduation.