Mission and vision

The Friends for Life Foundation provides scholarships to girls and boys from poor families in Kenya in order to further their education after secondary school. With a scholarship these youngsters will be able to graduate and eventually find a job within Kenya. The aim in the long term is to generate more income through employment, which results in a more stable economy and welfare within the country. Frirends for Life would like to contribute to sustainable development within Kenya by sponsoring scholarships for as many students as possible who have a lack of financial means, assuming the following criteria:

  • Commitment of each student to sponsor another student after graduation;
  • Commitment of the student to find employment in Kenya and perform activities in favour of the area in which they grew up.

Friends for Life stands for a world in which young people from the poorest areas in Kenya achieved a stronger economical position. This will give them pride, dignity, independence and self confidence which will result in a better and more equal position.

Core values

The Friends for Life Foundation works transparant, is result drive and committed to her students in Kenya. Additionally, the employees are highly involved and concerned with the organisation and strive for the same goal; improving the livelihood of Kenyan citizens. The Friends for Life foundation does not cooperate with organizations that are involved in women- and/ or child abuse, child labor, fraud, extortion, criminal activities or corruption.
The Friends for Life Foundation aims at young adults from families with a lack of financial means and facilitating sustainable development instead of one-off support. We strive for long-lasting relationships with other NGO’s as long as they also work with the same basic values as a starting point.