Become a sponsor

Friends for Life would not have become such a success without our sponsors. With the assistance of our sponsors, already more than 400 stduents have been bale to receive a scholarship  in the past years. In the coming years we would like to grow further and make sure that at least 1000 students receive a scholarship. There are still many more students on our waiting list who would like to continue their courses.

There are many ways to contribute to the goals of Friends for Life. For example, sponsoring one of more students by setting up a fundraising activity. All our sponsors are being informed about the activities within Friends for Life and receive a progress report at least once a year during the course of the students sponsored.

One off contribution

Of course also smaller one off contribution are very welcome! These contributions will be used to cover costs for activiteis such as our job coaching programma.

Sponsor contributions can be done by a transfer to our bank account or through an online donation on the homepage. We also have the possibility to send money through your phone (‘Tikkie’) in  a very quick and convenient way.

If you are interested in making a one off donation and you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Eefje van Vlimmeren.

Periodic contributions

Periodic contributions are of course very welcome and very much appreciated! These donations can be done through a bank transfer or through our online sponsor system, to be found on our homepage.

Sponsor for a longer period and receive tax benefits!

Did you know that it could be interesting for you to sponsor for a longer period over time? Your donation is fully tax deductable in the Netherlands, regardless of the amount you donate per year, upto a maximum of 52%, depending on your income? One of the conditions is that you donate the same amount for at least 5 years in a row to Friends for Life. From the 1st of 2014 it is not required anymore to notarize this any longer in order to receive this benefit. You only need to fill in the below form for the tax services.

Overeenkomst Lijfrenteschenking


  • you support Friends for Life for at least 5 years and contribute to our continuation
  • you receive part of your donation back through tax deduction
  • you do not have any costs for a notary

Please contact us for more information concerning this subject through: Eefje van Vlimmeren.