Students in Kenya

The students supported by Friends for Life are highly motivated to proceed or start a study. They are guided throughout their study. After graduation, they will become a sponsor of a new student who will then get the same opportunities of starting a study.

Most of the students who apply for a scholarship at Friends for Life foundation grew up in a very poor environment. This could have been in a very rural area but also in an urban environment.
Girls as well as boys are welcome to apply for a scholarship. However, in a lot of areas women and girls still face more challenges in building up a sustainable future compared to men and boys. Therefore Friends for Life chooses to accept new students according to a 70/30% rule which results in more girls then boys in our programme currently.

Students are aged between 16 and 30 and are highly motivated to finish a study and are all looking for financial support to achieve this goal.
Every new student has a thorough intake interview after filling in an application form. During this interview the background of the student and his or her financial situation will be discussed. The student needs to hand in the results of secondary school and the letter of admission of the institute of the intended course to be taken. Finally, the dean, teacher and/ or parents are contacted in order to know more about the student and guarantee that these relatives also agree with the scholarship.

When the intake interview was successful and a student contract has been signed, the student will be guided on individual level during their studies. Additionally, involvement of the students is stimulated by inviting them for events, activities and trainings organised by the foundation. In student panels, the needs of the students are discussed and the match of these needs with the policy and way of working within Friends for Life

By committing the students during their studies, they will become a real ‘Friend for Life’ after graduation and can act as an ambassador within the work field of future graduates of Friends for Life.

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