The management of ‘the Verkadefabriek’ in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, has recently been taken over by Mireille Mireille Kemna. Arnoud de Graaff, the former manager, contributed since several years to the foundation by participating in the Water for Kenya project. Now Mireille takes over, she announces that she would like to gove a new boost to the project. Of course, the Friends for Life team is very pleased with that. In an interview with Mireille we discover her motivation and why she would like to keep contributing to the students in Kenya.

How long does ‘Verkadefabriek’ exist and what is unique about your concept?
The ‘Verkadefabriek’ exists for 12,5 years and is an industrial building in which movie, theater, plays and dance is combined with excellent hospitality. During the entire day, the restaurant is open for coffee, cake, lunch, drinks and dinner. This in combination with a performance or just because the atmosphere in the Verkadafabriek is always very good.

Why do you choose to support a charity and why specifically the ‘Water for Kenya’ project?
The ‘Verkadefabriek’ wants to achieve a high level of operating in a sustainable way. this also includes supporting charities such as Friends for Life.

What do you think is the most positive element of the Friends for Life programme?
Due to the fact that graduates contribute to the next generation of studying students, the project has a high potential to succeed.

How do your guests react to the water jugs?
We receive very positive reactions from guests.

Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for improvement of the water for Kenya project or the foundation?
Keep up the good work!