The ‘Van der Valk Hotel and restaurant’ has been active for the Water for Kenya project of Friends for Life since 2012. Under management and with a lot of enthusiasm of Alice van der Valk, her team served already more than 20.000 water jugs to their guests in the restaurant. A fantastic performance set by this golden team. We are very thankful for their efforts. Although we can not solve the current drought challenges in Kenya with this water, already 6 students were able to finish their tertiary education by this donation. These students look at a bright future, one in which they are financially independent and in which they can take care of their families and communities. These 6 students also contribute themselves again by donating small amounts every month to the foundation after graduating. Another group of new students will be sponsored by these contributions. A lot more students will therefore benefit in the future from the efforts of the team of ‘Gouden Leeuw’.