Complaints and remarks

Stichting Friends for Life takes responsibility for complaints and remarks related to our organisation and approach.

This procedure describes the steps that will be taken when receiving a complaint or remark.

A complaint for us is understood as a statement that something within our approach or activities is unsatisfactory or unacceptable. A complaint however gives us information on how to improve our communication and activities to our relations.

When you have a complaint you can adress inform us by sending us an email or phoning us:


Telefoon: +31 (0)70 3242436

The following steps will be taken once we have received your complaint:

  • Your complaint will be taken care of as soon as possible but at least within two working days.
  • Your complaint will be registered.
  • The manager of Friends for Life will get in touch with you to discuss your complaint and talk about possible solutions.
  • In case the manager is not able to provide a suitable solution to you, the manager will escalate the complaint to the members of the board of Friends for Life.
  • The board will put the complaint on the agenda of the first next board meeting and will discuss a statement and possible follow up.
  • You will be informed about the statement and follow up decided on by the board.
  • In case it is relevant, the solution will be evaluated with you after soem time.