The water jug programme of Friends for Life has been running for several years now. Not long after the start, Enurance, the general manager of Wagamama at Renbrandtplein/ Amstelstraat in Amsterdam decided to join the project and support friends for Life. Over the years, he and his his team managed to raise thousands of euros for Friends for Life, simply with serving fresh water from the tap in a Friends for Life water jug. The customer pays one euro for a jug which is donated directly to Friends for Life, without any deduction of costs. We interviewed Endurance as we were curious why he continues to support Friends for Life and hos this this success was possible.
Endurance tells us the following: ‘The water jug project of FFL is an initiative that I saw as an avenue to give back to the needy, especially looking at how best the support of my team has changed the life of so many people in pursuing an educational career, in various fields of life. The principle of “there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving” is what has kept me and my team focused in supporting the water jug FFL project. And we believe that as this continues, more knowledge will be imparted to the needy to develop their future that will indirectly benefit the world in general.’

Endurance’ main reason for supporting Friends for Life and not another NGO is that there no operational difficulties when joining this project. Considering the hospitality business he is in, this is an important factor. He tells us: ‘We have long standing relationship with FFL and the impart on how the funds are used in supporting the educational needs of people appeals to us.’ We are very happy to hear this of course and are proud to work together with such a great team of people! Also his managers who make sure the water jugs are being sold and money is collected on a daily basis are fond of the cause they are raising the money for. Wagamama’s team is a highly diverse set of people which makes it a very interesting group of people and perhaps that is also why there is an appeal for them to contribute to youngsters on another continent.
We are very grateful for their continuous support and hope they will do so for many more years!