Restaurant ‘De Gouden Leeuw’ in Voorschoten, near The Hague, participates in the water jug project since several years now. This month they exceeded 10.000 waterjugs sold and with that, they raised an amount of € 10.027,-! This is an incredible amount of which a lot of students could start or continue their study. Within the ‘Water for Kenya’ project, restaurants sell ‘Friends for Life-waterjugs’ with tap water to their customers for only €1,-. This amount is donated to Friends for Life. Around 45 restaurants take part actively in this project and we want to expand this with many more restaurants in the Netherlands. Restaurant ‘De Gouden Leeuw’ has proven that this concept works and that the customers like the idea of the water jug. It is a unique and original way to contribute to Social Responsibility and offering something different to the customer. We would like to thank all the employees of the Gouden Leeuw for their contributions and efforts to make this project such a success. We hope that we can work together for many years to fight poverty in Kenya with education!