On Monday the 18th of April the board of RAGweek Nijmegen revealed the amount that they raised during the RAGweek in March 2016. The board, consisting of Lisa Venhoeven, Rowen Kleijkers, Cas van Appeven, Eveline Knapen en Quilijn Krale, broke all records as they raised an amount of almost 25.000 euros. Half of this amount will be donated to Friends for Life and several students can start or continue their studies with this donation. The students from Nijmegen changed the lives of all these students in a very positive way. They will get the chance to start studies as well and to escape from the poverty that is still around in Kenya in a lot of areas. The board and all students of Friends for Life are very proud of and thankful for such a tremendous effort. Read more about the activities organised in order to raise money during the RAGweek 2016.