Last week we received the unbelievably sad news that fellow combatant of Friends for Life, Beassy Mbogo, deceased very sudden. Beassy was involved during the founding of all activities of Friends for Life. She suffered from a bacterial infection and deceased within a very short time after being taken to the hospital, not expected by anyone.

Beassy assisted Friends for Life from 2005 – 2010 and focused mainly on getting the right people in the right seats in order to build up a solid basis for Friends for Life. Beassy had a lot of know how, a warm heart for girls and women from needy backgrounds in Kenya and she was bursting with positive energy.

Beasy was a true friends and we loved her because of her diplomacy, diligence, patience, vision, We are very thankful for her contribution to the foundation of Friends for Life and the many lives she changes in such a positive way. Her positive spirit will never be forgotten.

We wish her family a lot of strength in this difficult period.