Restaurant ‘De Landbouw’ is an atmospheric  restaurant in a beautiful place in the Netherlands, called Wassenaar. Restaurant owner, Robert Jan Canters, makes sure that his guests not only have a wonderful evening when dining at his place, he also contributes directly to the scholarships of a lot of students that had the chance to continue their studies through Friends for Life. Robert Jan participates in the project ‘Water for Kenya’ and serves his guests water in a water jug of Friends for Life for 1 euro per jug. This euro goes directly to Friends for Life, without any deduction of costs. In this way, they helped among other students, student Francis with finishing his diploma studies in medical laboratory.

is grew up in a family with 10 children. His parents did not manage to have a proper meal on the table every day, let alone financing studies for Francis after finishing secondary school. In order to pay for the first semester, his parents sold a piece of their land. After the first semester however, Francis could not continue as they did not find any means elsewhere.  Now, Francis was able to finish his studies with a scholarship of Friends for Life and he even managed to start his career already at Machakos hospital in Kenya. Francis is looking at a bright future ahead of him because of the contributions of Robert Jan and his team.

On behalf of Francis and the board of friends for Life, we would like to thank Robert Jan for this tremendous contribution and we hope that they like to serve waterjugs for many more years for many more students.